Dogs just love to run and play!

In fact, that’s one of the things that makes healthy dogs so enjoyable – their ability to make the very most of life. I am very passionate about taking a leaf out of their book, and to help educate dog owners on how to keep their dog walking, running and jumping without pain every day.

Why do I do this?  Well after 10 years of competition in agility, herding and high jump as a weekend warrior, training mid week and repetitively throwing our favourite little tennis ball for what I thought was the best fitness, both my 12 year old border collies were riddled with arthritis and had muscular injuries that required regular treatment. The cause? Incorrect conditioning for the sports they were performing, not being warmed up or cooled down correctly for an event and not being supplemented correctly with their diet.

So I set out to do what was best for my four legged babies, to learn as much as I could to help them feel better, move better and still continue to be a part of dog sports which is my passion. And so Canine Balance was born.

The result – our clients implement optimal dog health fast and get everything they need to succeed all in one place.  We are changing dogs lives.  Click here to join our inspiring community of  dog lovers and you can be our next success story.

Find out how can we help nurture your dogs health for a long and active life together. Contact us today 0422 597 866.