Complete Canine Care Specialist

What’s YOUR Dog Saying To You?

Identify your dog’s common symptoms or sign of musculoskeletal conditions in 3 minutes, and discover how this guide affects the kind of treatment your dog should have.

Dogs are similar to us and suffer aches and muscular pains that can be easily treated.

Your Dog will thank you for it!

Dogs just love to run and play!

In fact, that’s one of the things that makes healthy dogs so enjoyable – their ability to make the very most of life. I am very passionate about taking a leaf out of their book, and to help educate dog owners on how to keep their dog walking, running and jumping without pain every day.
Our clients implement optimal dog health fast and get everything they need to succeed all in one place. We are changing dogs lives.


Tap into valuable secrets on how to maintain a long and healthy life together.

We offer:
Canine massage therapy
Soft tissue injuries and lameness treatment
Cross fit training
Geriatric treatment and mobility programs
Post Surgery Treatment



Hi I’m Sarah McFarlane.

I help busy dog owners develop healthy mobility in their dogs, increasing vitality and longevity.

Because in this day and age, dogs just don’t live long enough! Your dog can avoid pain and mobility issues by giving them the quality health care they deserve.

Whether you have a beloved companion or a sports dog, we have effective, safe, achievable massage and fitness programs for you and your dog.

"Watch this video to see how we can do great things together for our dogs!"

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Want to massage your dog but not sure if you are doing it right?
This 5 minute video shares 3 Simple Canine Massage techniques that your dog will love, wanting more. They are safe and effective in reducing pain giving your dog quality care!

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