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Canine Workshop

Appropriate Exercise for Puppy Training Course

Workshop Date:
June 16, 2018

Workshop Time:
1:30 pm - 4:00 pm

Workshop Location:
Southern Obedience Dog Club, 56 Sodden Road
Bangholme VIC 3175

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Puppies are everywhere at the moment.  Join our puppy training course to give you the tools for both exercising and caring for your puppy’s body the right way.  This course has been designed to provide guidance on how much activity is enough for your puppy up to 2 years old, ensuring they are not over-ran, to go on to live a long and active life.

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to enable participants on completion; the foundations to safely and successfully exercise their puppy, and to prevent the early onset of osteoarthritis.


2:45 hours

BYO puppy with a vaccination certificate as it is mandatory by the venue.

Puppy Training Course is ONLY $67

and Covers:

  • How much should your young dog play, train and rest
  • Why it’s important to protect your puppy’s growth plates
  • Age appropriate exercises at <6mt, 6-14mth, >14mth for balance, strength, endurance, skills & jumping training exercises with guidelines
  • When is the right age to desex
  • Discuss diet & supplements for a healthy puppy
  • Appropriate therapy for dogs under 2 yo

 How Much Activity & Why:

Learn the importance of how much your puppy should play, train and rest.  These young dogs have an abundance of energy which needs to be safely guided until fully matured at 2 years old.  Prevention of early onset arthritis it the key to live a long active life, pain-free.

Participants gain hands-on training experience with their dogs.

Age Appropriate Exercises at: <6mt, 6-14mth, >14mth

Learn age appropriate exercise training with guidelines to take home and use safely and effectively on your puppy.  Such as:

  • What is Skill training;
  • Why balance or proprioception training is essential;
  • When can you start jumping
  • Where to start with strength training; and lastly
  • How much endurance training can they have.

Hands-On Demonstration and Practical Exercise

Guided puppy training exercise and activities, examination, and discussions, with plenty of practical exercises throughout the workshop, enabling participants to practice skills learned.  

It’s a fun, educational day enjoyed by all … especially the pups!


What participants provider said about our Puppy Training Course

A fun workshop for puppies and participants.  A must for anyone who has a young dog.”  – Jo

“Really informative and learnt heaps. The puppy training exercise with guidelines is very helpful”  – Chris

“We’re looking forward to running many more workshops with you in the future” – Chews Australia