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Canine Workshop

7 Ways Smart Canine Athletes Perform Longer October 17

Workshop Date:
October 21, 2017

Workshop Time:
9:00 am - 1:00 pm

Workshop Location:
Southern Obedience Dog Club, 56 Sodden Road
Bangholme VIC 3175

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Extraordinary 3.5 Hour Workshop on Dog Health.

Presented by Sarah McFarlane who is a Certified Canine Rehabilitation Therapist and Massage Therapist who presents workshops Australia wide and designs individual rehabilitation and cross-fit training programs for dogs. 

It starts at $70 and that includes a number of special things:

  • How to warm up and cool down the right way and why it is so important.
  • 3 easy warm up massage techniques to use when you don’t have time for a proper warm up.
  • 10 tried & tested active stretches with little effort to help keep your dog balanced.
  • Step-by-step cross fit exercises to target balance, flexibility, strength & endurance for a balanced dog.
  • 4 simple training calendars to help with intensity, duration, frequency and distance of cross fit exercises.
  • Feel encouraged and inspired with easy exercises to keep your dog fit and well.
  • Make real changes to your dog to keep them performing at their best.
  • Get underway fast with a done-for-you program.
  • Knowledge on how to pull everything together with 4 training calendars.
  • Maintain momentum with a balanced dog resulting in injury prevention.


To increase awareness of the importance of looking after the health and wellbeing of dogs resulting in longevity in performance.  To equip dog owners with extraordinary techniques to maintain a balance dog injury free.


Creating healthy dogs by helping canine athletes avoid injury through massage therapy, cross-fit training & stretching exercises to succeed in optimal dog performance.


$97 per person or early bird price at $72.00

  • 4 hour workshop


$137 per person or early bird price at $107.00

  • 4 hour workshop
  • 30 minute massage treatment*
  • * Additional Dogs add $30 per dog

Note:  Remember to have fun and be patient with your dog as this is another form of training and they try their best to please you.  Please bring wet food and dry food for this K9 training.  Only positive training methods are used in this workshop.

Important information – Southern Obedience Dog Club has a strict policy that all dogs attending the grounds must provide proof of up-to-date vaccinations.

There will be a 20 minute break around 11:30 a.m. where morning tea and coffee will be provided. Please bring a light lunch as this is the time to refuel.

Have a question?  Please email or call us on 0422 597 866 as we would love to help you create a healthy dog.