Dog Performance Training

Dog fitness training on injury prevention.

Presented by Sarah McFarlane, a Canine Rehabilitation and Massage Therapist.

Sarah presents workshops nationwide, offering individual rehabilitation and cross-fit training programs for canine athletes. Her delivery style is hands-on, so BYO dog for a highly practical experience.

FROM ONLY $97 !!

Cross-fit training is the latest innovation in canine athlete performance, designed to improve a dog’s whole-body fitness, to perform as an athlete, focussing on balance, strength, endurance and flexibility.

Now Available for your Canine Athlete

Everyone wants a happy, healthy, pain-free dog. Maintain your dog’s well-being for the long-term. Injury prevention, longevity in trialing, pain-free mobility, improved overall health and well-being of your dogs is paramount.

Lameness is one of the most common injuries sustained during sport, forcing strict rest and confinement, to prevent further injury. Imagine your highly active canine suddenly restricted and unable to walk without pain! Recovery can take from weeks to months!

ACT NOW! To prevent injury and suffering, and save money in the long-term. We’ll show you how to maintain a healthy dog fitness training regime for your dog.

Expect to learn the essentials about...

Learn the essentials:

1. Warm up & cool down exercises to prevent or reduce the severity of injury, and lessen delayed onset of muscle soreness
2. Easy warm-up massage techniques to synchronise you and your dog prior to events
3. Step-by-step cross-fit exercises for balance, flexibility, strength & endurance, leading to improved performance, building whole body fitness, and improving a dog’s flexibility and reaction time
4. Tailored training calendars guiding you on intensity, duration, frequency & distance, to maintain longevity in your dog’s athletic career
5. Practice 16 tried & tested active stretches to improve flexibility
6. Discuss suitable diet, supplements & therapies available for your dog
7. BYO Dog – It’s truly hands-on and a provides a lot more fun.

Dog Fitness Training Plans

Create healthy dogs by using massage therapy, cross-fit training & stretching exercises. This will help you and your dog prevent injuries, reach optimal performance, and to go on to live a long active life together.

Plans Available:


$87 per person

  • 3.5 hours canine fitness course


$117 per person

  • 3.5 hours canine fitness course
  • 20 minute canine massage treatment


$177 per person 

***  A thorough veterinary assessment is required to determine baseline health and clear your dog before beginning a cross-fit training and/or conditioning program.  ***


  • 3.5 hours canine fitness course
  • 20 minute assessment & treatment
  • Individual cross-fit testing
  • Tailored 12 week Cross Fit Training Calendar

Any questions? Please email or call us on 0422 597 866.

Final Note

First of all, it’s important to have fun and be patient with your dog. If training isn’t working out, look into those big brown puppy dog eyes and you will see that they are trying their hardest to please us.

It is the latest new way of training. Please bring plenty of wet and dry food for this dog workshop. Only positive training methods are used throughout the workshop.

Any questions? Please email or call us on 0422 597 866.

Let’s do great things together for the dogs.

Club Coordinators stories about our Dog Fitness Training

Canine Balance Workshop Locations

Location: Bangholme

Southern Obedience Dog Club
56 Sodden Road,
Bangholme VIC 3175

Location: Coimadai

Coimadai Park
2150 Gisborne Road,
Coimadai VIC 3340

Location: Bendigo 

Bendigo Dog Obedience Club
Recreation Reserve, Finn Street
Bendigo, VIC 3550