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What our clients are saying about our services

  • On 25th November, the members of Berwick Flyball Club attended a “7 Ways Smart Canine Athletes Perform Longer In Dog Sports” Workshop run by Sarah McFarlane – Canine Balance.

    On the day the group learnt many key take home pieces of information.     Sarah was very informative on how to do warm ups and cool downs.   There was a good range of cross fit exercises to build core strength, stretching and some basic nutrition. The workshop was well ran, interactive and especially relevant for our competition dogs.  From these valuable exercises and information learnt, hence now we have added this into our weekly training.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to other flyball clubs, or other sporting groups who would like to get the most out of their dogs and prevent injury.

    Belinda O’Shea  Berwick Flyball & Obedience Dog Club Coordinator

    Belinda O’Shea’s words on the 7 Ways Workshop

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