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Helping injured dogs get back on all feet fast after surgery!

Dogs just love to run and play! In fact, that’s one of the things that make dogs so enjoyable – their ability to make the very most of life.

But what happens when your dog gets hurt or suffers and injury? Just like people who run and play, dogs can get all kinds of serious injuries.

You firstly take your injured dog to the Vet and they perform the surgery. Then you face several weeks or months with your dog having to sit completely still or limping around in pain.  This will have detrimental effects on your dogs’ mobility, mood and quality of life and the extra stress it causes on you and the family to keep them contained and quiet.

Dogs have an amazing ability to get around on 3 legs.  But what happens to the rest of their body during this time?  Muscles pull on the bones to produce movement and the muscular system can house a vast range of painful issues while your dog is getting around on 3 legs. It loads up other limbs of the body to compensate for this and causing the spine to get out of alignment too.  The surgical leg has weak scar tissue and shortened muscles while other areas of the body have muscular tightness as they are overworked.




Speed up your injured dog's recovery!

We provide expert physical therapy-style massages for dogs. This helps injuries heal while keeping the muscles and ligaments working properly.  

It is important to re-balance your dog, reduce muscular tightness and tension, remodel scar tissue and lengthen short muscles to improving the Range of Movement to prevent further injuries to other legs.

These special canine massages promote blood flow to all the right areas. Blood circulates faster and more thoroughly while we give extra attention to healing areas and related parts of the body.  It also positively influences the immune system by flushing out waste and toxins from surgery.

This relieves pain and improves mobility. Very soon your dog will be running and enjoying life all over again.

Please contact us for your 10-minute phone chat to discuss of how we can help your dog feel his or her best healing faster. Get the expert post-surgery canine massage they need.

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