Dog Cross Fit Training

The Plan with results

Our dog cross fit training programs are a blend of balance, flexibility, endurance and strength that can be tailored to specific conditioning goals, modified for different activities, and adapted throughout the life of your dog. Dogs can therefore, reach a more physical and optimal condition to perform longer.

In addition, it is another form of training where owners and dogs can enjoy being together.    Canine Balance will set up balance, strength and endurance programs through positive reinforcement with simple equipment that is lying around the house.  Flexibility is vital to your dog’s longevity and can be taught how to do within in your dogs comfort level.  It should be done after events and training and will bring a huge and positive experience to the aliment of dogs.

Before dogs begin their physical regimen, they should first be checked and assessed by a veterinarian of qualified therapist. This is because each dog has its own unique standard for activity, fitness and body conditioning.  Moreover, it will clearly evaluate the present level of fitness of your dog.

Want results for a healthy balanced dog? Want to compete longer in dog sports?

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Standard training is not enough for sports dogs

Our clients, fellow competitors and in Facebook dog sports groups regularly see their “best dog” out on the sideline for the next event due to injury. We also regularly hear that “their dog is bred to do these sports”, or how “well-conditioned” their sports dog is because of off-leash play, runs, walks, swimming and specific sport skill training several days a week.

While these activities are all beneficial, they will not address specific cross-fit training activities needed to strengthen under-used supporting muscle groups. These muscle groups and tendons help to support the joints in lateral motion (side-to-side).

Often the small muscles do the hardest work.

Unfortunately, a high percentage of people train their dogs to go forward even though the dog sports require a large portion of side-to-side movement.

How is this relevant to your dog?

Let’s look at a few scenarios.

All these scenarios require use of muscles that support lateral (side to side) movement. Unfortunately to dog sport enthusiasts, this is the most under recognised muscle function needed in most performance sports today. Iliopsoas, shoulder and knee issues often occur from lateral instability.

Dogs often rely on large muscle groups while not engaging the smaller muscles that help to support the joints and assist in powerful movement. When a dog relies mostly on large muscles groups it causes muscle imbalance that lends to compensations, weakness and eventually to injury.

For an agility dog:

  1. Late hander calls causing dogs to completely change a committed movement where muscles overstretch
  2. Moving through the weave poles where the shoulder is in lateral and medial extension.
  3. Take off over a jump and then wraps around the jump requires core and trunk strength as well as lateral strength of the front leg joints.

For a herding dog:

  1. When sheep challenges a dog, and then runs away causes dogs to change direction immediately causing lateral trunk movement as well as lateral strength of front leg joints.
  2. Backing on sheep and then moving around on top of sheep requires core and trunk strength as well as lateral strength of all leg joints.
  3. A blow/crash with a sheep causing the dog to completely change committed direction movement where muscles overstretch.

For a flyball dog:

  1. Box turns missing the ball causing the dog to change direction immediately causing lateral neck trunk movement as well as lateral strength of all legs joints.
  2. Blow with another dog causing the dog to completely change committed direction movement where muscles overstretch plus the area hit.
  3. Box turns when a hind leg misses the box for takeoff to the finish line.

Fast and Effective Training

Our canine cross-fit training is the fastest and most effective way to achieve overall health at any age of a dogs’ life. Canine Balance programs are effective, safe and stimulating because all the muscles will be targeted. Young dogs will improve body awareness, canine athletes will increase competitiveness and old dogs will maintain mobility.

The result – our clients implement programs instantly and get everything they need to succeed all in one place.

Feel free to use our 10-minute phone chat to inquire more about our cross-fit training programs for better balance, endurance, flexibility and strength for your dog!