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Massage Therapy For Senior Dogs

Book NowInitial Consultation: $80

Included in your 75-minute consultation:

  1. Subjective Assessment – discussing your concerns and history of your dog’s health.
  2. Gait Assessment– provides thorough visual and video gait analysis, assesses your dog for injuries or ailments associated with older dogs and detects large and most small movement problems. Video analysis provides precise diagnosis, identifying smaller dysfunctions, which can lead to a more serious injury, and aids therapy planning to commence your dog’s rehabilitation and hasten recovery.
  3. Body Assessment– tests joint range of motion, helping to detect dysfunctions and poor or restricted movement due to arthritis, in order to treat pain, rectify declining performance, and prevent serious injuries. We measure muscle mass to identify weaknesses and prevent injury, and locate the driver, or true source of your dog’s pain, and determine the appropriate treatment and Home Exercise Program for your dog.
  4. Tailored Massage Treatment– Following assessment, your older dog is treated with appropriate hands-on therapy techniques to improve or correct poor movement patterns, resulting in reduced pain, fluid movement, and better quality of life.
  5. K9 Muscle Manipulation & Myo-fascial Release –treatment to relieve sinews and tendons caught over the vertebrae, caused by your older dog’s natural response to compensate for pain or ailments caused over the years that have been left untreated. Myo-fascial release improves imbalances accumulated in everyday living and slippery floors & stairs.
  6. Accell Therapy – 15 min mat therapy.
  7. Plan – following treatment findings, we’ll discuss an appropriate older-dog exercise regime, helping with intensity, duration, frequency, & distance of exercises, as well as housing and challenges at home, to allow your dog to age comfortably and pain-free.


For just $20 more, you’ll receive:

A Written Home Exercise Plan – targeting specific results desired following treatment findings, to prevent future injury and continue a long and healthy life.

Emailed to you usually within 3 days.

Follow UP Dog Massage Therapy Plans for Senior Dog: $55

Included in your first follow up 40-minute consultation:

  1. Gait & Body Assessment
  2. Massage Treatment
  3. K9 Muscle Manipulation & Myo-fascial Release
  4. Accell Therapy – 10 mins
  5. Revised Home Exercise Plan as the older dog improves

Subsequent Plans: $45

Included in your 30-minute consultation:

  1. Body Assessment
  2. K9 Muscle Manipulation & Myo-fascial Release
  3. Plan

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