How to Bring a Dog Back from Injury

Has your dog injured itself and you have not been able to get him/her, well right?  Are they hesitant to jump up or go downstairs?  Does your dog present lameness after a big run at the park?  Or perhaps they are limping for 3-5 steps after rest and then seem to walk it off.  On […]

NEW Dog Therapy Locations in 2019

Are our NEW dog therapy locations in your area? 2019 brings exciting growth by adding 5 new locations on a regular basis.  Over 2018 Canine Balance has met and been working with a lot of fabulous people to make this a reality.  We are proud to announce that we have confirmed locations and dates for […]

Why Dogs & Slippery Floors are Bad

Dogs & Slippery Floors – Why are they BAD and what problems occur?  In the last 10 years, it has become the norm for many of our beloved dogs to live indoors.  Whether on the couch for cuddles, sleeping in our beds, chewing on toys in the living room, or with their heads sniffing in […]

Age Appropriate Dog Exercise Program

Age Appropriate Exercise for Dogs Dogs, like people, need regular exercise to maintain ideal weight and mental wellbeing, resulting in happiness.  The appropriate level of activity for your dog should be considered at every stage. No matter what breed your dog is, whether purebred or mixed, a puppy, an adult, or a senior, all breeds need physical […]

Adult Dog Exercise Programs

Adult dogs can now walk, run, jump, compete, swim, perform endurance training, chase, tug higher, twist, and turn.  Be mindful that the dog’s soft tissues are still maturing up until 3 years of age. Dogs need to be able to release the energy built up during the day, especially if they spend much of their […]

Senior Dog Exercise

It is important to keep exercising senior dogs to keep them mentally happy and physically healthy.  Sure, your older dog may not be able to run the 5 km it used to but that doesn’t mean you stop altogether.  Make some adjustments for your senior dog so they can still enjoy the benefits of exercise […]

Age Appropriate Puppy Exercise

It is critical what we do with our baby dogs.  Puppy exercise is so important as young dogs undergo significant physical changes during the first 12-18 months of life before their growth plates close.  Some of us get a new puppy and immediately do everything possible with them, as we feel that is the best […]

Agility Nationals 2018

On Tuesday 10th April 2018 the Agility Nationals will commence and run for six days.  I am very excited about spending almost an entire week with these highly trained agility athletes.  The extensive training regime and countless hours of dedication and practice culminates in this important annual event. It’s exciting for spectators too, watching dogs […]

Dog Massage Workshop

     At a recent Dog Massage Workshop, which was a sold-out event held by Chews Australia and presented by Canine Balance on Sunday 18th March, 20 participants learned the importance of assessing and treating with dog massage.  We had 9 dogs, of a good mix of breeds, to work with and learn from during the workshop. The Dog […]

Dog Limping Help

There are many causes for a dog limping, but what we do about it is most important.  Over the past few weeks, this has become increasingly apparent to me as a dog therapist, in around 1 in every 3 patients I have seen.  Whether working at dog sports events or seeing household pets that have had […]