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Helping you master the following
issues with your dog (fast and simple):

Canine Health

  • Arthritis
  • Holding a leg up
  • Limping
  • Pulling up sore after execise
  • Struggling to get up and down
  • Back pain or dipping
  • Dull and dry coat

Canine Injuries

  • Ligament ruptures
  • Torn muscles
  • Toe injury
  • Excessive tight back
  • Iliospoas injury
  • Medial Shoulder Instability
  • Reoccurring lameness

Canine Training

  • Dog not responding to you
  • No progress in training and sports
  • Dog favours one side
  • Knocking or missing jumps
  • Too fast/too slow
  • Cross fitness
  • Nutrition

Sarah McFarlane advocates the philosophy of what a man’s best friend truly represents.

Sarah is passionate about helping dogs feel happy and free with their health, mobility and wellbeing. 

In her experience living with 3 border collies has proven that a combination of correct diet, exercise and therapy leads to a healthy active lifestyle for both people and dogs.

Accreditation with the US acclaimed Canine Rehabilitation Institute and a “Canine Myofunctional Therapy” certificate (Australia), trained under Australia’s pioneer in physiotherapy and currently shadowing Peter Schofield in K9 Muscle Manipulation, Sarah prides herself on being a qualified dog therapist.

With over 20 years of experience, Sarah specialises in how to find body imbalances or issues, easing and eliminating the dog’s pain or problem in a natural way.  She has also worked extensively on educating owners in maintaining a healthy wellbeing with their dog.  This enables a long active lifestyle which produces a complete balance for the whole dog.

Sarah McFarlane provides specialty services such as canine massage therapy, neurofacial release, canine rehabilitation therapeutic exercises, cross fit training including stretching exercises, gait analysis and provides workshops Australia wide.

Nurturing dogs by supporting natural diets and supplements provide outstanding results for all dogs from puppies through to seniors.

Sarah would like to start you and your best friend to a range of services from a rapidly growing industry in the southern hemisphere.

There are a number of dog therapists out there, but Canine Balance is truly unique in 7 key ways.

These differences are to ensure dogs get maximum amount of help naturally from the therapists to create substantial and tangible improvements in their health, mobility and your lifestyle.

Canine Balance are trained to not only resolve dog’s injuries or lameness, but also to ensure that they do not go back to re injuring again.

Continuously working with Veterinarians, Canine Physiotherapists, Canine acupuncture, behaviorists and dog trainers to pride ourselves on treating the whole dog.

Your dog will love us!


Reasons Why You Should Work With Canine Balance

1. Discover the latest strategies

Here at Canine Balance,  the latest strategies are provided so every dog owner can use when they decide to give their dogs a massage or some cross-fit training.  Educated in the USA, trained under Australia’s pioneer in physiotherapy and currently shadowing Peter Schofield in K9 Muscle Manipulation, we are up to date with latest techniques and health care for your dog.  Trained in how to find your dog’s issues, easing and eliminating the dog’s pain.

Canine Balance uses video as part of our diagnostics to help dog owners see what the issues are.  It also shows the before and the after treatment movement of your dog.  This helps owners see the dramatic improvements within their dogs.

Passionate and knowledgeable with almost all dog sports with understanding of the condition dogs need to be in to perform at top levels.

2. Know what to do with our Step by Step Approach

You will know what to do as we create individual programs and teach you how to maintain your dog’s mobility so you have a long and health life together.  You can do it yourself at home to reduce the costs of keeping your dog moving freely.

Canine Balance sees to it that our clients will never lose track when it comes to learning the needed techniques for their dogs. Always there in every step taken in order to reduce the confusion and ease with decision making.  Also, we guide your dog properly for it to feel the relief that it needs. Remember, whatever step taken, Canine Balance walks along your side to assist.

3. Maintain the momentum through exceptional support

Canine Balance knows how hard it maintains the drive when nobody is there to support you. That is why; we are always ready to give you the exceptional support that you need in learning the strategies down to the application of the learned techniques to your dogs. Never be afraid because we are always here to support you which will also help in maintaining the momentum so that you will always have the drive to give your dogs what it deserves to have.

4. Get Underway Fast with Done-for-You Programs

Canine Balance offers programs that you can avail for the sake of your dogs. Our programs work within comfort levels of owners and are designed specifically for the individual needs of dogs.  Canine Balance have the Done-for-You Programs which are proven and tested since hundreds of dog owners have used the programs and are successful and satisfied with the results.

5. Make Real Changes and Feel Supported

Canine Balance has been a number one company that a broad range of customers trusts and count on all throughout Victoria. We provide services that are highly customized in order to meet everyone’s needs as well as requirements in the industry. Working with a range of specialists who can ensure high quality, cost-effective, and friendly services. We also have enough resources that promote satisfaction. These are the reasons why we can make real change on how to improve dogs health and longevity.

Making us as your topmost option in improving your dog’s mobility and health, we have inbuilt accountability that will never cause headaches and burdensome experience. All our staffs possess professionalism and integrity, which can provide comfortable and convenient services. Be one of our valuable clients today and witness how we are committed to serving you.

6. Pull everything together with our integrated approach

In all our services, including massage, we use an integrated approach. With our in-depth knowledge and vast experiences, we are able to make our techniques more effective and innovative. This is why we are able to meet the changing needs of your dog no matter what level of activity you are at, from a young puppy to a senior and canine athlete.

Having an integrated, tested, proven, and efficient approach, we can make holistic results in real-time. With our track record of success, a consistent strategy to offer incredible and dependable services so we eventually see dogs a few times per year depending on the level of activity.

7. Feel encouraged and inspired through the bond formed with your dog

Been busy these days?  Missing out on quality time with your dog because life has got too hectic?  Dogs want us to slow down and take proper care of them and more importantly, ourselves.  There is proven research that owning a dog adds 5 years to your lifespan.  Discover in as little as 30 minutes a day how to provide our dog all the needs like strength, balance, flexibility and endurance to make them healthy and mentally stimulated.  Even with a hectic schedule, with our guidance, providing dogs fun makes happier times for all.

Bonding with dogs have positive impact to the health and well being for both involved.  They become more eager to please, move better and live longer as their purpose is to be our companions for as long as they possibly can.  So, take advantage of Canine Balance today.

Providing effective and efficient massage techniques that are a good bonding moment with natural pain relief.  The cross-fit training programs are fun for all dogs no matter what age.  Once your dog is more responsive and energetic, you will feel encouraged and inspired for sure.  This creates relaxation and  being more positive and passionate towards life.  How do we know this, Canine Balance lives this!


Bonus of building a stronger relationship between owners and dogs.

Guided in a friendly, professional manner with positive reward based training only for dogs.  Offering the best quality of care, while tailoring our services to suite all budgets.  Up front if we can help and won’t extend the appointments if it is not necessary.  Canine Balance is well-known for having programs that can improve the comfort and mobility in dogs at any level of activity.

Serving our broad range of clients for years, employing an objective and honest approach that can build a stronger relationship between you and your dog.  If we cannot resolve a dogs physical problem, our relationships with other fields of therapy that could be suitable for your dog is an easy transition.  At the end of our services, you will gain something that will be cherished for a lifetime.  Thus, our business is specially tailored to build a stronger relationship between owners and their dogs.

Canine Balance has the education and expertise in helping keep dogs well balanced so they can live a long, healthy and active life.  CALL TODAY on 0422 597 866 for a 10 minute phone chat for more information.

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