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What our clients are saying about our services

  • On 25th November, the members of Berwick Flyball Club attended a “7 Ways Smart Canine Athletes Perform Longer In Dog Sports” Workshop run by Sarah McFarlane – Canine Balance.

    On the day the group learnt many key take home pieces of information.     Sarah was very informative on how to do warm ups and cool downs.   There was a good range of cross fit exercises to build core strength, stretching and some basic nutrition. The workshop was well ran, interactive and especially relevant for our competition dogs.  From these valuable exercises and information learnt, hence now we have added this into our weekly training.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this workshop to other flyball clubs, or other sporting groups who would like to get the most out of their dogs and prevent injury.

    Belinda O’Shea  Berwick Flyball & Obedience Dog Club Coordinator

    Belinda O’Shea’s words on the 7 Ways Workshop

  • I first met Sarah at the Flyball Nationals Competition in September 2017. Sarah’s enthusiasm and passion for dog fitness and well being was infectious.  She further sparked my interest and concern re the fitness, safety and longevity of our beloved ‘weekend warrior’ dog club. Flyball can be harsh on a dog’s joints and long term health. While we did some warm up exercises and the occasional stretch we were not very consistent with this.

    Since convincing Sarah to come to Tassie to run a fun and successful workshop, we have introduced warm ups and stretches along with doggy body awareness exercises.

    I must admit to getting some odd looks when I talk about doggy cross-fit, warm up, cool downs and stretches to our team members.  We do it for ourselves so why wouldn’t we do it for our dogs.  Sarah’s knowledge on how to pull this altogether is simple to look after our dogs in the right way. The workshop is very practical and is progressive with a step by step program. There is more work to do but we are getting there.

    I would recommend anyone who cares about the long term health of their dogs or who already suspects their dog is struggling physically to attend one of Sarah’s workshops.

    Helen Stong, Tassie Flying Paws Co-ordinator/Trainer

  • Owning a Schnauzer is fun and I was looking for something to do other than run with my beloved Doogie.  As he has got older he has stopped jumping into the car, onto the bed and couch and won’t run with me anymore.   My highly active dog has become old way too soon.  I needed some fresh ideas on how to get my boy back to being apart of my active life again.   Canine Balance demonstrated how, through therapeutic rehabilitation exercises, we can extend our caring and love for our dog.  We made a difference in his life with a health and longevity plan and the results have been outstanding.  My gratitude for our lives back has been extraordinary.

    Tina Bryson, Sandringham

  • Before we found out about Canine Balance, as dog trainers we thought we were doing an OK job. We knew the importance of warming up and cooling down and continually encouraging people to do so.  Turns out while our hearts were in the right place, our techniques weren’t great.  We didn’t really have the skills or knowledge to provide members with how to do this.

    Canine Balance sponsored the 2017 Flyball Nationals. Through talking with Sarah, I realized how little we actually did to maintain the wellbeing of our performance dogs.  We knew nothing about the importance of cross fit training or when and how to stretch our dogs.  Collectively the best way to ensure the longevity of our club was to provide our members knowledge to achieve this.

    The biggest benefit of all by doing the workshop has been increased awareness in our members.   They now see the importance of looking after their dogs.  It’s great to see most of our members now getting out there and making a concerted effort to follow Sarah’s advice.  I feel having someone in with specialized skills and knowledge has helped our members grasp the importance.

    I’d recommend all clubs running performance activities attend this workshop.  While the workshop we did was specifically targeted at flyball, the specific message could help everyone obtain exceptional results.  Sarah worked with our members dogs which showed us that it is possible to include the cross fit exercises and stretching into our weekly schedules.

    Lauren Dolley, Frankston Storm Flyball Co-ordinator

  • Molly is 10 years old Koolie, and was starting to show signs of stiffness and did not want to go for our normal 1 hour walk.  We contacted Sarah from Canine Balance who was extremely helpful, organised an appointment, she came to our home and assessed Molly.  She watched how Molly walked and discussed in detail her assessment.  Molly was feeling at ease with Sarah, the sparkle in her eyes came back and was walking freely after 1 session.  Sarah did a detailed Home Exercise Program and even gave us some great advice on Molly’s food requirements for her senior years.  Nothing was too much trouble for Sarah she even showed us several times how to do the exercises with Molly so we got it exactly right.  Through it all, Sarah gave me the best advice “let Molly be a dog” and “have fun” are edged in my memory.  I was being too protective of Molly with her injury. Sarah is an absolute gem; she had a lovely manner with Molly and made me feel at ease straight away. She loves dog’s and I would highly recommend her services to anyone.

    Cherie & Danny Ruben, President Koolie Club of Australia

  • Sarah has been treating my dog Banjo for the past twelve months after hip dysplasia. She noticed the problem immediately and has been treating him monthly. This has given him a new lease of life as he loves daily walks and chasing the ball. Thanks so much Sarah! I feel like he’s a puppy again.

    Nicole Calder, Cheltenham

  • Would just like to thank Sarah for your service, when dealing when my kelpies’ injury, I found you to be professional and very helpful. I Will differently continue to use Canine Balance as an ongoing service!!!

    Kayne Gardner, Seymour

  • Sarah is a caring and knowledgeable canine therapist, who has worked on my beloved lab, Angel, for the last 18 months after bilateral knee surgery. Not only has Sarah helped improve Angel’s mobility due to age and injury, she’s also given me tips on feeding and weight control. Sarah is prompt and friendly too, and helps your dog relax during the treatment. Thanks heaps!

    Megan Waters, Moorabbin

  • Canine Balance is currently attending to our 2 staffies, after a long search of professional dog masseurs, Sarah was the only one who did deep tissue massage for dogs. She has a gentle approach to our dogs that are very nervous and they responded to her. With her treatment, Sarah was able to find weakness in our dogs and provided strengthening exercises to help speed the process.  She is not a person to drag it out. Also if she can improve the dog she will say Yes or No, as she referred us onto other therapy that complimented hers. Sarah is very professional, honest and reliable.

    Julie Mulder, Rosebud

  • We would like to thank Sarah for her outstanding work on our old man working Kelpie, Billy.

    He has been in retirement for most of this year due to arthritis and with the cold winter he has been having difficulties getting moving in the morning and required vet care to assist. After talking to Sarah about trying dog massage/ balance we gave it a go. The difference she made in Billy was amazing, giving him a new lease on life.

    Seeing the results we will now be converts to dog massage and in particular treatment by Sarah of Canine Balance. Thank you again.

    Naomi White, Secretary of VYUFDA

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